Eat. Play. Enjoy.

The Fun Zone offers entertainment for the whole family. Featuring four duckpin bowling lanes, two rock-climbing walls and room to relax, this space offer loads of fun for guests to the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center.  

This area will normally be open during all events; however, due to COVID-restrictions, the fun zone is currently only available for private events.

Entertainment For All Ages

Featuring a ValoClimb® climbing wall, the world’s first augmented climbing wall that comes with several interactive games and contain dozens of modes and plenty of different levels. Game selection covers single and two-player games, including the viral sensation Climball as well as Shadowlings, a game which interacts with the climber’s shadow!

This interactive game platform invites anyone, from the youngest kids to hard training adults, to have an amazing time and get a great physical exercise. Even the audience is easily captivated by the games. People often spontaneously participate by cheering and shouting instructions.

A Unique Bowling Experience

Duckpin bowling is the smaller, more challenging sibling of standard tenpin bowling. The game uses a four-pound ball and stubby pins, and participants get three throws per frame rather than two. Despite these seemingly slight differences, duckpin is vastly more difficult than tenpin bowling. In the entire history of the game -- which stretches more than 100 years -- no one has scored a perfect 300 in a game.