COVID-19 Safety Restrictions

ASM Global, the operator of the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center, has developed a program called VenueShield that has been created to instill confidence in those attending events.



Disinfection Cleaning

Prior to every event, trained staff will follow CDC and local guidelines on the cleaning and disinfecting of all areas including touchpoints (handrails, seats, restrooms, track equipment, etc). The Environmental Hygiene program was developed with guidance from CDC, NHS, PHAA, WHO, and experts in hygiene.

Temperature Screenings

Everyone that enters the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center will have their temperature checked by specially trained staff. Anyone who has a temperature of 100.4° or higher will be allowed to wait and then have their temperature checked again. If they continue to display a temperature of 100.4° or higher they will be refused entry.

Face Coverings

Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center will follow updated CDC and Commonwealth of Kentucky Guidelines that allow those fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to go without wearing a face covering or physically distancing in most settings. Certain events may require masks and physical distancing; therefore, specific Covid-19 policies may be adjusted and will be announced prior to each event.

Please Keep 6' Distance

Effective June 11, the venue began hosting events at 100% capacity so social distancing will no longer be enforced in seating areas for most events. 

From arrival to exit, markers and staff will be placed to enforce physical distancing wherever possible. These markers will be placed at the temperature checkpoints, security checkpoints, restrooms, and concession stands.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Throughout the Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center, non-contact hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed. Although nothing replaces washing our hands with soap and water, these hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed for the convenience of all who attend events at the center.

Important Information To Know

  • All employees and vendors at Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center will follow strict protocols including temperature checks, proper wearing, and use of PPE including face coverings and training on proper hygiene.
  • Do not attend events if you currently or in the last 14 days have been sick, experiencing a fever or other symptoms, or reside with anyone who has these symptoms.
  • In addition to temperature checks, all who enter the center will go through standard security screenings which could include bag checks, wanding and metal detectors at certain events.
  • Failure to comply with the requirements of the protocols in place may result in the individual being removed from the venue and denied access in the future.
  • Protocols may be adjusted without notice in accordance with guidelines from government and public health officials.
  • Specific events may have added precautions. Please visit individual event pages for more information.